Welcome to Volosvej 15


We offer in the central Amager a first class guesthousing. 
A room with a private entrance and a 3 bedroom guesthouse, a kitchen and a bathroom. All the rooms are made and all of them come with towels, a hairdryer and a flatscreen TV. 
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Price for the room w/private entrance: 600 DKK per night

Price for a room in the guesthouse: 500 DKK per night

Price for the entire guesthouse: 1500 DKK per night

The commute is very easy from the guesthouse. 
We are located between the Kastrup Airport and downtown Copenhagen
(about 10 minutes ride to downtown and about 10 minutes ride to the airport)





CONTACT US VIA PHONE: +45 32 58 29 58 AND + 45 26 18 29 58